1) How much is the warranty duration for SenseXR?
The product comes with a 1-year warranty.

2) What type of phone do I need to use with this product?
You need an Android or iOS phone with a display size between 4.7 and 6.7 inches. The compatible operating system versions are Android 10 and above. Additionally, the phone must be equipped with a gyroscope.

3) Is the Content on SenseXR Play Free?
Currently, all of our content is available for free, including over 300 unique experiences. However, once we introduce exclusive content in the future, there will be a charge for accessing that. Rest assured, the free content will always remain free.

4) How do I use the SenseXR?
You can check our playlist on how to install and use the SenseXR here. Make sure to read the guide provided with the controller. If you have any doubts, please call us at 9109131271 or 9109167371.

5) What is the recommended age group for kids?
The SenseXR is recommended for kids aged 6 and above.

6) What is the origin of the product?
The product is made in India and patented by our founder. We have been awarded Top 12 Innovations by the DOT Govt. of India. You can find more information here

7) What is included in the kit?
The kit includes the SenseXR Controller, VR Headset, and Anaglyph glasses.

8) Is the VR Headset available individually?
No, the VR Headset is not included in the kit, and we do not sell it separately.

9) Can I wear spectacles while using the VR headset?
Yes, you can wear spectacles while using the VR headset. The headset is designed to accommodate glasses. You can also adjust the focus using the side and centre wheels to achieve a sharper image based on your eye power.

10) Which application is the SenseXR Controller compatible with?
The SenseXR Controller is compatible with the SenseXR Play App and XR Blocks.

11) What is XR Blocks?
XR Blocks is a free game engine that allows young developers to create augmented reality and virtual reality 3D masterpieces such as games, story tales, and models without coding. You can download XR Blocks here

12) I develop my own application with the SenseXR Controller?
Yes, you can use the SenseXR Controller to develop applications on Unity. You can access our courses here . To learn how to create and get access to our exclusive SDK for development. We also have our own application for young creators to develop with the SenseXR Controller.

13) Is this product available for resellers/distributors?
We have very limited distributors in India. If you are interested in becoming a reseller or distributor, you can email your details to sensexr@techxr.co. Our team may contact you based on your goals and requirements.

14) Can you install this for schools/universities?
Yes, we have immersive class solutions available. We currently have 50+ tie-ups with schools and universities all over India. If you have specific requirements, please email them to sensexr@techxr.co

15) What else does TechXR Innovations do?
Besides our products, we offer courses for AR-VR development. You can find more information here . We also have a tie-up with schools and universities for immersive class solutions. Furthermore, we have a vertical called Divine Technologies, with the goal of providing VR Darshan to everyone.