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XR Blocks is an AR-VR content creation platform

Students and teachers can learn and teach in a fun way and get first hand experience with AR, VR and 3D coding.

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Get our patented controller, compatible with popular smartphones.

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XR Blocks Learning Modules by iHub @ IIT Roorkee

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Module 1

Learn the basics of creating your own AR/VR experience with XR Blocks. Design on PC and deploy on smartphone with SenseXR. 

Module 2

Craft your own stories! Build your 3D world, add characters, logics, animations, conversations and  have fun. 

Module 3

Create a ticker experience. Master the loop logic with special logic blocks. Also create a multiple choice quiz and rock around.

Module 4

Gear up to create your own exciting games using the concept of colliders. Implement everything you learned and give your best shot!

XR Blocks Course: iHub IIT Roorkee Certification

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